Spring Cherry Blossoms

cassia sparkle for gloomth

It’s finally feeling as though spring is on it’s way in our part of the world! We can’t wait for all the brave early spring flowers and cherry blossom season here. I’m not sure if we’ll manage to do a shoot among the flowers this season but here are a few from an attempt we made a couple years ago right at the end of the sakura bloom.

Photographer Jennifer Goren did a beautiful job capturing these images on a chilly and very mishap-filled afternoon. And model Cassia Sparkle braved an icy spring day in frills for these. Robyn Hancock created the amazing anime inspired hair style. 🙂

cassia sparkle gloomth kawaii sakura toronto

We utilized pretty much the last couple of trees with flowers on them for these photos. The problem with the cherry blossom season here is it coincides with the windy stormy spring part, so the blossoms don’t always last very long.

I made the daisy-encrusted bunny ears and lace necklace specifically for this shoot! I would so like to use them in another series, perhaps later this spring as they’re quite adorable.

cassia sparkle gloomth kawaii sakura toronto

There are a couple more from the series here.


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