Frivolous Fridays are Back!

I used to do Friday updates where I posted photos from my week or non-Gloomth-centric things! I’m going to try doing that again as I’ve been working hard at taking lots of photos when I go out (mostly for photography practice and because I enjoy it). I don’t always have a whole blog article’s worth of photos so this might be a better way to share them, and to share aspects of my not-work life with you.

You can expect outfit photos, event snaps, personal stuff, art, whatever. 🙂

pietta art gallery of ontario

Finally made it to a First Thursdays event at the Art Gallery of Ontario with some friends this month. I really enjoyed it, mostly the people-watching and being in the gallery “after hours”.

I wore a custom Gloomth dress in a damask print. It’s made of this super weird upholstery fabric I found, a gorgeous pattern but it doesn’t breathe or have an ounce of give so it’s really not suitable for anything but standing around. The hat is a lovely early 1950’s one I got recently! Purse is Angelic Pretty.

taeden first thursdays ago toronto

taeden art gallery ontario

Loved the expression on this Inuit art sculpture below. :O!?!!

art gallery ontario inuit art

The First Thursdays thing is such a great way to explore the gallery. Even for someone like me who’s been there about 500 times, heh. There are live dj’s, dancing spaces, a couple bars with food set up, and activities. That’s my flag with the hooves, I started making it before finding out we were supposed to be making “ideal world flags” or something. Never put me in front of coloring supplies, I just end up doodling dumb crap for hours on end…..

I definitely hope to make it again! This time I am for sure wearing something suitable for dancing!!!

first thursdays art gallery toronto

I organize these near-monthly drawing meetups with my friends where we try to focus on doing art things while socializing. They’ve been great for making me spend some dedicated time embroidering or just drawing. The last one I hosted was at Allan Gardens in Toronto, one of my favorite places in the city. It’s a huge Victorian greenhouse full of plants year round, the perfect antidote to Toronto’s winter!

I especially love the koi pond (obviously, since I’m a big fish nerd). Look at that giant white koi! He’s like some sort of river spirit.

allan gardens toronto fish

And an outfit photo! I am determined to learn to do these, for years I’ve mostly just documented my head so I don’t have a lot of shots of my clothing. My style is all over the place right now. Wearing a lot of vintage stuff and still most of my lolita wardrobe, just not wildly enthusiastic about any particular style right now. I feel like I am slowly firming up my next aesthetic obsession, but it’s a slow process this time.

Below am wearing a vintage handmade skirt (with petticoat underneath), and a vintage sweater I sewed a big HBS (HOLY BULLSHIT?) school patch onto I found on ebay. Paired with ugly warm tights since Toronto is the new Arctic and my favorite GH Bass saddle shoes.

taeden gloomth plus size blogger toronto

That’s all for this week! 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone!


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