Ordering Discontinued Gloomth Designs

damask gothic party dress

Once in a while someone writes frantically asking where x or y design has gone! We try to keep our catalogue as fresh as possible, and often that means removing designs we want to redo or that have run their course. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to order one of them however! 🙂

Our limited edition styles are usually made with small amounts of various fabrics, so we can’t recreate those exactly- but for our other designs in standard fabric it’s usually no problem for us to custom make one for you. We would send you an invoice for the item directly via paypal (pay by credit card or paypal) and can customize the style to your specifications as well.

gothic bridesmaid dress

Just send us an email (taeden@gloomth.com) with a photo or description of the design you missed out on and we’ll see about resurrecting it for you as a custom order. 🙂


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