Tips for Managing Being Sick in Winter

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Well, here’s a topic that’s rather timely for me! I’ve been wildly ill since New Years Day and bedridden since, which is serious for me as I am a workaholic who’ll practically crawl to my tasks while bleeding out. After a hospital visit and dosing the heck out of myself for 2 days with prescription antibiotics I’m finally able to sit up and type properly. I couldn’t even pack orders as apparently I was (am?) super contagious so I didn’t want to risk coughing on someone’s dress! :O

Lots of people get sick in the winter- colds, flus, it all seems to swarm around when the weather gets cold. So here are some tips for making being ill a little more bearable!

Allow Yourself the Downtime– The biggest lesson for me during this ordeal has been to just let go of my to-do list. Nothing matters as much as your health without that every little thing is a struggle, and you are definitely not doing your best work sick. So take the time off, and don’t mentally berate yourself for not being productive

Comfort Activities and Food- Remember when you were little and your mom would make that noodle soup from the red box packet? Get some of that. Or chocolate milk. Or whatever other food you associate with illness as a kid because weirdly that memory is comforting as a sick adult, even if you’re alone. Watch old movies you loved as a kid because they take zero brain power and if you fall asleep during you won’t have missed crucial plot points.

 Let People Help- My oldest friend brought me homemade soup and took my shaky reanimated corpse to the pharmacy to get behind the counter meds and then made me eat dinner (she is an incredible soul). It can be difficult to allow people to go out of their way for you, but if they offer let them. And don’t be afraid to ask those closest to you for help if you need it.

Listen to Your Body- We’re taught to ignore and control our bodies in Western culture, willpower over their urges and needs to suit your desires (there’s a whole essay I could write on how crap that idea is but I’ll save that for when Mr.Codeine-Cough-Syrup isn’t helping). But when you’re ill you need to listen to your body, it’ll tell you what it needs most of the time. If you’re having issues breathing don’t shrug it off- go to the hospital. If you aren’t able to sleep- go get meds. Craving salt? Get something salty. Seriously listen to what your body is asking. Remember to feed it, give it fuel to fight the illness.

So there are my basic tips, or mostly things I am reminding myself of repeatedly while being super unwell. We’ll be back to cheery posts and updates of new designs very soon I’m sure! 🙂


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