Wintery Gloomth Photoshoots

It rained all day here yesterday, this time last year we had seen several snow falls so that is definitely not a complaint. With the holidays approaching quickly we sometimes like to daydream about wintery scenery and snowy mornings. Here are some of our most wintery (and holiday inspired) photoshoots from over the years!

gothic winter coat

Grayling braved the snow blanketed woods for this lovely photoshoot with photographer Mouna Tahar. I wanted to create a glimpse into a story, an eerie fairytale perhaps, set in a frozen world. You can see the series in it’s entirety here.

plus size lolita

Last winter I modeled for the talented Tyrone Islington Photography out in the snow! It was heaps of fun, even if we both froze solid. Lots more photos from this series can be seen here.

gothic victorian dress

This “Sleepy Sunday” shoot with Poppy and photographer Russel Hall always makes me think of wintery afternoons tucked inside your home with a book. The snow falling outside and a warm drink inside. More on our flickr!

original fawn makeup

And of course our infamous “Winter Fawns” photoshoot from 2010 (before fawn makeup jumped over the proverbial shark). More from this chilly series here.

We may not have any more new shoots til the new year! I’ve been a bit sick and exhausted so December is going to be a recovery month for me so that I can hit the ground at top speed in 2016 with lots of shoots and events to share!!! 🙂


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