Poll Which Dress to Bring Back First?

gothic lolita velvet dress gloomth

We’re working on using up fabric in our studio and bring back some much-requested designs to the catalogue! Two designs that will be returning are our “Carmilla” (above) dress and a our “Damask” dress (shown below) but we can’t decide which one to bring back first so we’re putting the question to *you*! 😀

damask gothic party dress

Fill out the anonymous poll below and let us know which you’d like to see back in our catalogue first! We have 2 options for colors for the “Damask” dress, one would be a red taffeta with black flocked damask pattern and the other grey taffeta with the black flocked damask.

You’ll see the top result return to our line soon and the other in the future! 🙂

Thank you for your input! It’s because of you that Gloomth even exists today, so thanks!


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