Gloomth Girls Favorite Horror Films!

It’s Halloween Week and we’re counting down to our favorite holiday! Today we asked some of the Gloomth Girls for their favorite horror or Halloween-specific movies! Get your netflix queue ready with suggestions from the coolest, and most spooky models around. 😉

victorian mourning dress gloomth

Hexcelle- “Cabin in the Woods” (imdb)!

dollykei gloomth

Syringe (instagram)- “The Addams Family”(imbd) and “Young Frankenstein” (imdb)!

gothic schoolgirl outfit

Kuroihitomi- “Dracula” (with Bela Lugosi) (imbd)!

goth sailor dress

CheshireCat- “It” (imbd)!

gloomth ubergothic ubergoth outfit

Sandra Von Ruin (instagram)- “Pan’s Labrynth” (imbd) and “Eraserhead” (imbd)!

Thanks Gloomth Girls! Hopefully this helps add some ideas to your Halloween movie list! 😀 What’s your favorite horror film???


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