An Autumn Road Trip

ontario autumn 2015

This past weekend my friend and I drove out to the countryside in search of pumpkin picking! It was a super cold and windy day but that didn’t deter us one bit. The leaves have finally broken into a riot of color and everything was autumnal and lovely! Here are some photos I took during the day! We also found a very old and beautiful cemetery while getting lost trying to find a particular hiking trail, but I’ll save that part for another post.

I hope you have had time to enjoy this season too! 😀

pumpkin picking andrews scenic acres

I love how photogenic the world seems in late October. The light has turned golden and the clouds are dark slate grey. Fields are dotted with glowing orange pumpkins and all the most delicious things are in season.

taeden pumpkin patch

pumpkin picking andrews scenic acres

We ended up at a super busy giant farm where you could pick pumpkins, berries, and grapes and who knows what else. It was terribly crowded so we mostly just walked around the distant fields taking photos and drinking cider trying to warm up. That’s when we found their HAUNTED TRAIL! It was really a bit more like a graveyard of bad dad-jokes and puns with odd arrangements of Halloween objects….including the weird hula skirt with sunglasses below.

andrews scenic acres ontario

andrews scenic acres ontario

andrews scenic acres ontario

Out past the crowded fields and market area was an incredible field full of dead dahlia plants. It was worth the admission price to the farm just to see those fields of black stalks with wilting papery flowers of all colors. Truly incredible.

dahlia field in october in ontario canada

dahlia field in october in ontario canada

dahlia field in october in ontario canada

dahlia field in october in ontario canadaHere is me freezing to death in a field of blackened dead flowers. I really could have set up camp in that field and been happy forever, such a beautiful place. (Loving how “unflattering” my giant thrift store sweater is, I like that it fits right over my petticoat haha).

taeden dahlia field

After that we just wandered with our mouths open, slowly trying to shake ourselves of the startling beauty of about 2 million dead plants (or something). Anyway here’s some corn.

corn field andrews scenic acres ontario

A fine and very large turkey!

turkey andrews scenic acres

Some stripey gourds.

gourds andrews scenic acres ontario

We ended up bailing on this particular farm as none of the pumpkins had prices on them and the crowds of families were kind of overwhelming. Down the road we found a little pumpkin farm with about 20 terrifying scarecrows leading to the main building. They were all made from stuffed jumpsuits with weird masks. Would make a great setting for a horror film.

scary scarecrows

We bought quite a few pumpkins for our event next weekend at this farm. 🙂

pumpkin picking ontario

pumpkin picking ontario

They even had a variety of poultry hanging out in their pens! Including (my favorites) Silkie chickens!!!!!!!!!!

silkie chickens

And a regular rooster-dude.

nice chicken

Accidental close up of my very freckly head.

taeden freckles redhead

autumn ontario canada

Afterwards we were determined to find this historical spot inside a hiking trail, we wandered for about an hour but entirely missed the things we wanted to see. We didn’t manage to try again since it was so bloody cold. The trail itself was really stunning, all the trees had turned bright yellow or were just tipping towards changing so the forest had a glowing light throughout.

hiking ontario

hiking ontario

I have quite a few more photos from the cemetery we found but I will save those as I’d like to research the area a bit and some of the interesting symbols we saw on the tombstones themselves. 🙂

Happy autumn!


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