New “Autumn Colors” Photoshoot Part 1!

halloween lolita gloomth vanessa walsh

This shoot ended up being so enormous (110 photos!) that I am breaking it into two separate blog posts in order to share some of the highlights with you! šŸ˜€ I do recommend checking out the entire series on flickr, it’s huge but worth a look as I can’t really post every photo I love to the ‘zine here.

This was my fourth official photoshoot acting as photographer, I’m really enjoying learning this new skill. This time I worked with Vanessa Walsh, who is brand new to modeling with Gloomth, and we had a great time creating these autumnal photos.

halloween lolita gloomth

The first look features our new “Damsel” dress in black/white, we also offer it with 3 choices of lace and 8 different colors of cotton- so you can really customize it to your style! šŸ™‚

blue hair lolita vanessa walsh

Vanessa made a perfect Gloomth Girl! Her artwork is especially beautiful, you can see some of it on facebook here-Ā

black and white lolita dress gloomth

Thank you so much for your support, to Sock Dreams and We Love Colors who provided the tights and socks for this series, and to Vanessa for modeling for us!!!! šŸ˜€


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