Four Gloomth Halloween Photoshoots

It finally feels like fall here. We had a big storm come through Saturday with wind and rain and when it cleared the light had changed and autumn was official. It’s the most beautiful time of year in Ontario! We’re hoping to create some new Halloween shoots soon but here’s a review of  four of our favorite Halloween themed ones to get you inspired for the upcoming holiday!!!

You can click through to the flickr albums to see complete series. 🙂

gothic girls witch in pumpkin patch

Pumpkin Patch“- We had the most wonderful day shooting this series with models CheshireCat, Syringe, and Lady Rakasha! Autumn at it’s best!

victorian spirit photography gloomth

Inspired by Victorian hoax Spirit” photography comes this breathy ghost story by the House of Pomegranates featuring Greyling and Syringe.

gothic girl graveyard gloomth

We constructed our own graveyard for this eerie photoshoot! It features a bunch of Gloomth models and photos by Russel Hall.

carmilla gloomth coffin photoshoot

For the launch of our “Carmilla” collaboration we built a 6 foot coffin and had Lily and CheshireCat play vampires in this dark series!

We have loads of other spooky shoots to share from over the years but maybe we’ll save those for another day. Happy Almost Halloween-ing!


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