Summer Blueberry Picking

blueberry picking wilmot orchards ontario

This summer my friend and I made a pact to do as many little semi-local adventures as we could! With my work schedule it’s not always easy to get away for non-work-related things for very long, so we’ve been doing these quick day trips and exploring areas near our city and doing lots of really silly things. 🙂

This past weekend we went blueberry picking! Amusing as I don’t really like blueberries that much, I mostly spent the time goofing off and helping my friends pick theirs. It was a beautiful way to spend a summer afternoon.

(As always if you’d like to see higher res versions of these photos just click on them)

blueberry picking wilmot orchards ontario


The farm was enormous and grew all sorts of crops. There were tons of people out picking various things, but there was so much space we hardly encountered anyone else.

blueberry bush


blue berry bushThe blueberries we grew up picking were wild and grew close to the ground on small plants, these cultivated ones are quite tall and far easier to pick.

blueberry picking wilmot orchards ontario


(Please ignore the raggedly look below, I was at a wedding the evening before the picking adventure so you can imagine my state heh).


taeden hall


gh bass saddle shoes-Tae



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