Bancroft Gemboree 2015 Rock and Minerals Show

crystal skulls carved stone skull

This past weekend my friend and I set out to the “Rockhound Gemboree” in Bancroft, Ontario! It’s about a 3 hour drive from the city up into a beautiful countryside known for it’s mineral formations and mining. I have been to smaller rock and mineral shows with my father who does some lapidary as a hobby. Over the years he has made me all sorts of beautiful stone pendants and jewelry. The Gemboree took place in 2 buildings and was full of polished stones, finished jewelry, beads, and all sorts of gorgeous crystals and rocks! I took a *lot* of photos.  :)!

(Sorry for the giant photo pile. Click on any you’d like to see larger for higher res!)

gemboree 2015

gemboree rock and mineral show bancroft ontario 2015


The show took place in two buildings plus some outdoor areas. It’s one of the largest shows of it’s kind in Canada! Both buildings were packed with people.

The tables were filled with polished stones ready to be placed in jewelry, or cut crystals of all sizes, fossils, or enormous clumps of freshly mined stone formations for sale. It was overwhelming! Many were impossibly beautiful.

gemboree rock and mineral show 2015

gemboree rock and mineral show 2015

gemboree rock and mineral show 2015


gemboree rock and mineral show 2015


I love the fossilized shells shown below. They’re called Ammonites which are a very ancient relative of the nautilus. Originally these creatures were called the “Horns of Ammon” referring to the Egyptian god who is depicted wearing ram’s horns.


gemboree rock and mineral show 2015 fossils


A beautiful fossilized fish in stone on display!

fossil fish


Many of the stones and crystals seen at this show have been mined locally! Amethyst (the gorgeous purple crystal below) is mined near Thunder Bay, Ontario.

ontario amethyst gemboree rock and mineral show 2015


close up crystal formation crystals close up gemboree rock and mineral show 2015


Each stone and crystal is associated with different properties or effects. Some are said to encourage healing, others to lower stress, or bring luck.

crystals cut stone crystal

geode pile geodes

gemboree rock and mineral show 2015


purple geode


My favorite booth was the one below featuring all of the skulls, natural curiosities, shark’s teeth, and other odd deathly things.


shark teeth

gemboree rockhound bancroft 2015


crystal skull carved stone skull


I looked all over for a pink carved crystal skull with a necklace attachment to no avail! I did find many carved bone skull pendants but none in pink stone, boo hiss! My friend and I loved this little carved stone bat with yellow eyes below.


gemboree rock and mineral show 2015


The beads at this show were incredible! Giant heaps of strands ready to be made into all sorts of jewelry of every imaginable stone and color.

pearls and pale pink pearls rock and gemboree rock and mineral show 2015


crystal formation in bowl


Below Goreblots holds some “Eye of Shiva” polished stones at a booth.


bancroft rock and mineral show


gemboree rock and mineral show 2015


We had a wonderful time exploring this enormous show! I’d definitely recommend making it a 2 day trip if you’re planning on going, one day for looking and a second for shopping. Also there are so many beautiful spots on the way there and in the Bancroft area it’s worth exploring as well.



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