Gloomth Dresses with Corset Lacing

A little corset inspired lacing can take a simple jumperskirt or dress up a level! Whether it’s delicate ribbon framed in lace or built into the fabric itself. Several Gloomth dresses incorporate lacing! 🙂

punk lolita jsk gloomth


Our “Waterlily” jumperskirt features lacing at the back. This lacing can actually be used to alter the fit of the garment and is a beautiful addition if you’re planning to layer it over blouses and also wear it alone, just adjust the lacing for a perfect fit.

gothic loilita canada fashion gloomth


Gloomth’s “Valance” dress features decorative front lacing! It makes the perfect starting point to a variety of Gothic outfits and styles.

alternative babydoll dress


For a more girlish style our “Lyre” babydoll dress has front lacing framed in delicate lace and ruffles.

There are a few more Gloomth designs that feature corset lacing details, including skirts and blouses! 🙂 This is also something we can add custom to existing designs at your request.


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