Gothic Bridesmaid Dresses

My two closest female friends both are getting married this year (not to one another)! One is already finished with her ceremony and we’re doing bridesmaid dresses for the second. Every year we get to do 1-2 wedding parties, it’s a lot of fun creating bridesmaid styles that have alternative or unique twists. Blending your original style and taste into your wedding can be a challenge so today I just wanted to highlight some of our designs that’d work really well for Gothic bridal parties and alternative bridesmaid looks! 🙂

gothic bridesmaid dress

Parlour” Dress- A simple dolly silhouette dress that would work beautifully for bridesmaids. Gloomth can source custom colors to match your wedding pallet or pick from our 8 shades of cotton blend. The little ribbon bows finish this dress beautifully!

retro bridesmaid dress


Anise” Dress- A little dark retro cute style! These would work so well for a casual outdoor wedding. Just a simple cotton dress with adorable details to dress it up.

circus theme wedding

Spelterini” Dress- The black and white stripes would create some amazing detail in your wedding party photos! We can also do this dress in solid colors and with a variety of sleeves. 🙂

All of our designs are available in a range of colors and sizes! We can also design custom styles to suit your wedding or event, and we’d love to collaborate with you, just send us an email to get started!


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