Summer Skirts

Lazy summer days, sometimes it’s just too hot for pants or you want a little frill to your day. Gloomth has several perfectly summer-ready skirts that suit a variety of alternative styles. 🙂

gothic tutu

Urban Gothic- Running errands in the city. Our “Whisper” tutu skirt would look awesome paired with skull studded ballet flats and a lace trimmed tank top. Finish the look with a big floppy black hat, shades, and heaps of bracelets. For an evening look pair it with platform boots and a corset and your favorite black jet jewelry.

retro lolita skirt

Vintage Dolly– I love mixing lolita elements with retro styles. Our “Amaryllis” skirt is perfect for that! For a casual summer day pair it with a cotton blouse and teaparty shoes and frilly socks. Finish with a vintage hat!

pastel goth gloomth toronto

Gothy Punk- A little dark, a little brash. Blending styles- like punk with goth- is a great way to personalize your look. Our “Berlingot” skirt would look awesome paired with spikey jewelry, stompy boots, and a fitted band t-shirt.


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