Tea Party Event Photos!

gloomth teaparty toronto

They’re here! All the (200+) photos from our first ever Tea Party on June 13th! The event itself was so much fun and we hope to go all out on the next installment this fall. 🙂

taeden gloomth gloomth teaparty toronto

Today I am going to focus on highlights from the event photos themselves (rather than photobooth shots of our fabulous guests)! Some of these snaps are from when we were setting up the space and others were taken during the show. You can find the entire album of photos on our flickr, if you are featured in it please feel free to download and share your pictures.

gloomth teaparty toronto

The Flying Pony Cafe was so awesome to host us for our party! It transformed into the ideal space for our little party. We had loads of guests all evening! Some stayed for the entire party and others dropped by to visit with us. It was wonderful meeting everyone and we had possibly the best dressed party ever.

gloomth teaparty toronto gloomth teaparty toronto gloomth teaparty toronto gloomth teaparty toronto


It was such a busy frantic night but such a lot of fun! We’re hoping to do a darker themed version of this party later this year so if you missed this one we’d love to see you next time. 🙂

gloomth teaparty toronto



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