Inspired by Georgie Malyon

georgie malyon skulls flowers art

(Splatter Skulls, by Georgie Malyon) 

A New Zealand florist turned visual artist, Georgie Malyon‘s elaborate arrangements blend the macabre with the whimsical. I particularly loved the modern take on the Memento Mori (remember you will die) theme- using ephemeral flowers (particularly utilizing types of flowers associated with celebrations) with hand cast skulls.

georgie malyon skulls

(Pretty Mint Luck, by Georgie Malyon)

The soft pastel florals almost hide the dark themes in her arrangements. Some of her pieces feature taxidermy birds and preserved skulls mixed with the flowers.

georgie malyon skulls


(Mandala of Skulls, by Georgie Malyon)

georgie malyon art(Rose Magpie, by Georgie Malyon)

You can see more of her beautiful work on her website-



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