Poll Gloomth Diary Photobooks?

dollykei gloomth

On and off we’ve contemplated offering little photo books. We create so many interesting shoots and a lot of work and planning goes into each one, so naturally there are a lot of sketches and concept art floating around, as well as design sketches and behind the scenes stuff. The only thing that’s held us back from creating these is thinking that they might only be interesting to people who participated in their creation- but at this point, with Gloomth evolving into it’s own an art/fashion world it seems like the right time to consider doing these books again!

So we’re putting the question to *you*. 🙂

Would you be interested in little Gloomth Diaries? They’d contain photos from our shoots, concept art/sketches, behind the scenes snaps, writing about the shoot and it’s inspiration, and original artwork (by me)! Price wise they’d likely be about $10-15 depending on how much we put in each booklet, maybe less if we do a digital download option also. They’d be printed artfully and maybe we can make some tuck-ins like stickers and printed photos from shoots to go with them.

Is this something you’d be into? Fill out the anonymous poll below and let us know your thoughts!

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