Some Winter Photoshoots

The last few weeks of winter always feel the longest. Each new snowfall feels like another thing delaying spring, even the cold air feels meaner. But the light is changing and the days are growing longer. Today we’re spotlighting some of our winter-inspired photoshoots to mark the beauty of the season before it’s overwith.

gloomth medieval gothic style

Wintertale“- Shot out in the snowy cold this lovely shoot with photographer Mouna Tahar and modeled by Grayling is the perfect glimpse at winter’s good side. Grayling wore our “Carmilla” dress and a handmade cape in these photos.

classic lolita canada gloomth

Sleepy Sunday“- On cold days there is nothing quite like curling up with a good book while the wind howls outside. Poppy wore our “Amaryllis” skirt and “Abbey” blouse for this snuggly warm photoshoot with photographer Russel Hall.

alice in wonderland lolita gloomth

A Little Wonderland“- Turning to favorite stories on cold days inside, familiar fairy tales to lose ourselves in. This shoot features our “Tuxedo” dress and lots of little furniture, photos by Russel Hall.


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