How I Got Into Vintage Clothing

vintage clothing

I’ve been a vintage and thrift store nerd since I was about 13/14. At that time I lived in the middle of nowhere and clothing mostly came from the “Sears” catalogue (a Canadian mail order company with deeply questionable options) or the mall when we would drive the hour and a half to one (yuck). Of course, being a weirdo, as soon as I could choose my own clothes I didn’t want them to be like everyone else’s.

I discovered thrift shopping and vintage clothing due to two people. This girl in my high school who wore vintage t-shirts and had an enviable messy chignon bun at the nape of her neck (whom I idolized) and my mother (who took me to the local thrift shop- still 40 minutes from home, humoring my new interest). It wasn’t long before she and I became seasoned thrift shop rummagers! It’s something she and I still do together.

vintage clothing

(All the photos are items from my closet)

At about 13/14 I was very interested in 1960s hippie and youth culture, there was a revival in the 90’s of 60’s/70’s palettes and aesthetics, and I dove head first into that. Wanting more to emulate the exact looks of those eras rather than wear the modern visions of them I turned to thrift shopping to find my treasures. Also I lived on an island which I am convinced no one told anyone there that the sixties had ended, I’m pretty sure they didn’t find that out til like 1997.

I am so glad this was pre-digital photography and there is no proof of the pastel pink men’s ruffled-tuxedo shirt I wore everywhere (which I sort of wish I had now, frankly, even just to put on the wall), and my 1960’s polyester kimono (which I still have and wear as a sloppy cardigan, tattered as it is). I bought a *lot* of old glitter heat-press t-shirts with ridiculous stuff printed on them or band memorabilia for bands I didn’t even like from the time. My favorite is a Super Dad one I still have, since obviously I am a Super Dad (and have a Super Dad).

vintage cardigan and other pieces

Nowadays vintage/thrift clothing makes up a significant part of my wardrobe. I love pieces with a story, and there is nothing compared to finding your perfect clothing vision tucked in a crowded rack at a thrift shop. 🙂 I love mixing older pieces with lolita garments or Gloomth dresses, the combination creates a lovely story and gives the entire coordinate a more thoughtful, and less store-coordinated feel.

my closet

I’m hoping to write a bit more on vintage shopping and items in my collection this year (since it was requested).


2 thoughts on “How I Got Into Vintage Clothing

  1. Oh how I agree with this! xD I love thrift shopping, it’s a great way to add to a wardrobe and it’s amazing what can be found. Most of my Goth Lolita wardrobe has came from thrift shops. It’s so fun to look around and find things.

    1. Yay! I’m so glad this post resonated with you. 🙂

      I want to do some posts on specific items in my wardrobe and how to mix them with Gloomth/lolita pieces for different styles soon.

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