Fabric Color Choice Survey

victorian mourning dress gloomth

We have been offering 8 colors of cotton for a while now and we’d like to switch up what we offer this year! Some shades have definitely been more popular than others, and we’ll always offer black and white as basics.

We would like to ask *you* what colors you’d like to see us offer and which you think we should stop carrying! Just fill out the quick anonymous survey below to give us your thoughts. 🙂

Right now we carry black, white, pale cream, peach, plum, cranberry, grey, and a 100% cotton in an unbleached shade. We will be keeping black, white, and cream for sure but which other colors do you think we shouldn’t bother with? 

We’d like to add 1-2 new colors in 2015! Especially with our spring collection coming soon. What new colors would you like to see Gloomth offer?

Thank you for your help! Your suggestions will lead to the changes we make this coming year. 🙂


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