New “Halloween Candy” Collection!

plastic glitter lolita bangle by gloomth

We are so thrilled to finally launch our accessories line “Halloween Candy“! Inspired by childhood plastic jewelry, club-kid glitter, and leftover Halloween treats. All of the pieces are hand mixed, tinted, poured, sanded, assembled, and polished in our studio in Ontario!

plastic glitter hair clip set by gloomth lolita

They’re made out of an industrial plastic mix (not junk craft store liquid plastics that change color or get sticky over time). It was my summer project to learn to work with it and the resulting pieces are adorable, sturdy, and one of a kind! Each mix contains at least 3 kinds of glitters and we use all professional grade pigments/sparkles so that the items will last years and look perfect.

gloomth halloween lolita bangle plastic glitter

We have bangles, hair clip sets, and Gloomth bats for your hair and wrists right now! And we’ll be adding loads more styles as these sell out.

Check out the entire line right here!


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