In Favor of Chaos in Fashion

lucy lovesick gloomth gothic lolita

We here at the ‘Cult have never been particularly good with rules. To us alternative and subculture fashions have always been about experimentation and creativity. As young pre-internet-shopping Goths we altered vintage clothing to suit our aesthetic, dyed old slips, and sewed patches by hand onto our thrift shop backpacks. Nowadays you can buy an entire outfit curated by the designer online, for near instant subculture style, each piece matching absolutely flawlessly. But we long for the little elements of misfit that were more common when it was less easy to find the items for your look!

Some random chaotic piece amidst a carefully coordinated ensemble. Thrift shop embroidered sweaters rubbing up against a brand dress, or clunky boots with a delicate frilled skirt. To me they feel intrinsically personal and eccentric. Small glimpses of the wearer’s personality and life, not just a safe outfit of 100% all matching pattern or brand pieces.

gothic lolita dress by gloomth

The sorts of outfits that really thrill me often have these little touches. They feel voyeuristic and delightful to see, especially when handmade or created by the wearer. Maybe it’s growing up sans internet in a very small town, maybe it’s my punk-ish-ness showing but these personal elements really fascinate me in outfits!

So bring on the chaos! Experiment! We spend so much time worried what others will say if we don’t perfectly match catalogue advertisements- and who cares what they say anyway? Are you dressing for yourself, or other people? I’d personally love to see more chaotic and personal elements in subculture fashion. Yes, it’s easy to buy an entire outfit that’s flawless, but I think it’s time to get creative. Get strange! The world will be far more beautiful that way!




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