Our Hoop Petticoat is Back!

hoop petticoat bell shape cupcake lolita

Looking for the perfect cupcake shaped petticoat to fit under dresses and skirts? We have finally brought back our “Light Hoop” hoop petticoat! (We’ll have new photos of it shortly).

A hoop petticoat is a great alternative to a chiffon or tulle petticoat for a variety of reasons. We like them because they give a fantastic structure to the skirt, instant fullness without added bulk. Easy to store as they sit flat when not being worn. They’re also not as warm as traditional petticoats, so less fabric pressed against your body on hot days.

Our “Light Hoop” petticoat is available in 2 lengths- a two hoop style that’s 18″ long and a 3 hoops style that is 22″ long (not including lace trim). All 8 colors of cotton! As well as with your choice of lace trim (or without).

We also offer custom sizing on these. 🙂



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