Gloomth in the New York Times

new york times gloomth
Pardon my goofiness, this is me wicked early after waiting in the cold for a rude book store lady to open and sell me “all” her papers.

The past week or so have been haunted by sudden bursts of nervousness and anticipation. I conducted a very shoddy phone interview with the New York Times the week previous, out of the blue, and was convinced I’d blown it. I spent the week wishing I’d practiced those sorts of skills and over-analyzing pretty much every word I spoke. Needlessly, as we did end up in the final article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Lots more photos of the article in our instagram)

It’s so incredibly weird to see our work in print in a publication like this! I am so honored to have been included and it’s amazing to see my friends Kuroihitomi (model), Savija Ellis (hairstylist), and my brother Russel’s photo included!!! The photo shows our “Lyre” dress which is part of our Memento Mori collection. It was also so much fun talking about mourning with someone interested in the topic, as it’s definitely my nerd-domain, heh. 🙂

Heaps of gratitude to the New York Times for including us and to everyone who’s been a part of our little strange world thus far! I think 2015 is going to be a magical year!!!

Online edition of the article can be seen here!



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