New “Dark Bunny” photoshoot

gloomth sandra von ruin gothic bunny eerie


Autumn’s cold breath rushing between drying leaves, mist in the graveyard, and a shadowy rabbit spirit haunting the woods. We created this shoot with the talented Jen Li and model Sandra Von Ruin to evoke the feeling of Halloween’s approach!

gloomth gothic fashion canada eerie bunny

Sandra Von Ruin wore our new “Melancholy Doll” t-shirt and “Whisper” skirt for the first look, and our “Alouette” dress for the second.

For the outfits and makeup in this series we wanted to do something more ethereal and Gothic- loads of purples and glitter and stick on gems!

gothic doll girl fashion gloomth sandra von ruin

You can see the entire shoot this week on our facebook, we’ll post some of it every day!

Thank you to our amazing team on this shoot! The results are so eerie and perfect!!! 😀


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