Halloween Photoshoot Round Up

We are so excited for autumn! There is so much happening this season and we can’t wait to share photos of it with you throughout. Today we’re highlighting 5 of our most Halloween-y photoshoot! Maybe they’ll inspire your Halloween daydreams. 🙂

Click on the name of each to check out the entire flickr set.

The Pumpkin Patch

“Pumpkin Patch” Last year I completed one of my long time Gloomth photoshoot goals, to shoot in a real pumpkin patch! We had a wonderful day out in the field with CheshireCat, Lady Rakasha, and Syringe.

The Halloween Party

“The Halloween Party” A charming spooky shoot by the House of Pomegranates with Gloomth Girls Fine Lines, Kissobelle, and Emily.

The Graveyard

“The Graveyard” In 2012 I hand made about 30 tombstones and created our own graveyard in the woods! Models Kissobelle, Fine Lines, Grayling, and Emily crept through the eerie space in a variety of looks.

IMGP9169 copy

“Carmilla” In honor of our first book collaboration with the House of Pomegranates comes this vampire-themed shoot featuring CheshireCat and Lily!


“Pumpkinhead”– Back in 2009 we created one of our most recognizable Halloween shoots using a real jack-o-lantern modeled by Mouse! Wow, these photos seem ancient to look at now but I still like this shoot quite a lot. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Halloween Photoshoot Round Up

  1. What a wonderful history of fashion shoots you have. Carmilla and the Pumpkin Patch are two of my absolute favorites, along with Classwork and Kitchen Duty. The more recent Candy Witch and Flower Shopping are also excellent. Ahh, there are all great. Keep up the wonderful shoots, Taeden – they brighten up our lives.

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