Shadowy Art by Carol Golemboski

carol golemboski art

I have fallen in love with Carol Golemboski’s photographs. Each is filled with shadow and story, strange objects and situations. Her “Psychometry” collection is my favorite.

From her site:

“In the Psychometry photographs, arrangements of old objects in dilapidated spaces serve as metaphors for human emotions and psychological states. The term “psychometry” refers to the pseudo-science of “object reading,” a purported psychic ability to divine the history of objects through physical contact. The objects in these pictures seem haunted. They are designed to transcend their material nature and evoke the mysterious presence of past.

 These prints are created in the darkroom through extensive manipulation. The negatives are often scratched and the imagery is a combination of traditional photography, drawings and photograms. Photography gives these pieces a basis in reality but the manipulations, which expand upon age-old darkroom “trickery,” create a space that resides somewhere between fact and fiction.”

carol golemboski art

carol golemboski art

She utilizes antique processing methods and Victorian concepts in her work, producing photos that stir the mind and unsettle the viewer. Reminiscent of 19th Century carnivals, spirit photography, and other peculiar themes.

carol golemboski art

You can see her whole portfolio at the site below as well as download the app for her “Psychometry” book.


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