Gloomth in “Shades of Wonderland”

shades of wonderland lolita fashion book

A while back we were approached by individuals working on a lolita fashion photo book! We were very excited to participate in the project and it’s wonderful to see so many of our Gloomth Girls and photo sets appearing in print!!!! I also filled out a lengthy interview for the book which I am excited about. 🙂

shades of wonderland gloomth lolita fashion

wonderland lolita fashion book gloomth

The book is now out “Shades of Wonderland” is full of lolita community photos and designer spotlights! Apparently it’s been out for a while but we had no idea…… 😛

lolita fashion shades of wonderland gloomth

Also it’s supposedly to be released in English soon. You can check their facebook for updates.

lolita fashion book shades of wonderland gloomth

If you’d like a German copy it can be purchased here.

shades of wonderland lolita fashion book


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