Pumpkin Rump Bloomers Are Back And a Coupon

halloween jackolantern bloomers gloomthIs it me or has this year gone by *so* quickly? It feels like I was just wiping snow and salt from my boots and now it’s almost autumn!? Autumn is by far our favorite season here at the ‘Cult and we can’t wait to immerse ourselves in it fully.

One of our fall traditions here are our Pumpkin Rump” Halloween bloomers! Every year they appear like pumpkins in the garden, and stay just until November 1st. Every year we update the design a little bit.

halloween bloomers gloomth witch goth gothic fashion


Our Pumpkin Rump bloomers are now available in the catalogue!!!!!!!! This year we’re offering them with cotton ruffles or black lace (a little smaller than the lace in the photos, but we’ll have updated photos of them shortly), ties or elastic cuffs, and in knee length or short length (as shown)!

**Grab yours before August 7th and get $5 off! Use the code “pumpkin” at checkout to activate the discount! Good on all sizes/lengths. 🙂

Get yours just in time for autumn!



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