New “Eloise” Victorian Swimsuit

Historically swimming was done nude, until the mid 1800s when bylaws were set in place in most areas requiring swimmers to wear “drawers” and be covered while participating to preserve their modesty. The original swimsuits consisted of wool two piece sets or long dresses with weights in their hems so they did not float up when immersed in water.

victorian swimsuit gloomth

Our “Eloise” swim set is inspired by the Victorian bathing costumes and the Edwardian two piece sets. We wanted to create a beach look that Wednesday Addams would have worn by the pool, that’s both practical and unique.

edwardian swimsuit gloomth handmade

The “Eloise” set consists of a little dress that buttons down the front, with a rounded collar and cap sleeves. As well as a pair of matching shorts. Our set is made of cotton (not wool, thankfully) and can be worn in the water or when hanging out by the pool.

victorian swimsuit gothic swimwear gloomth



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  1. This is so adorable!!!!!

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