Walter Potter’s Taxidermy Tableaus

walter potter kitten wedding taxidermy

walter potter taxidermy

The Victorian taxidermist Walter Potter created darling little scenes using dead animals. School rooms full of studious bunnies, weddings populated by well dressed kittens, tea parties full of red squirrels, and other strange and strangely adorable arrangements.

Obviously his work was right up our alley! The blend of ridiculously cute with unsettling morbidness. 🙂

walter potter taxidermy

People in his community donated their dead pets and found deceased animals to be incorporated into his peculiar tableau’s. His wife sewed the tiny clothes for his creatures and he constructed all of the props himself.

walter potter bunnies taxidermy

Our favorite was his incredibly detailed “Death & Funeral of Cock Robin” based on the childrens’ poem! which features about 100 birds from his native England, complete with glass tears and a little gilded coffin.

walter potter death and funeral of cock robin

You can find more photos of his work in this article on The Guardian.

Info on his museum and life here.



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