La Carmina’s Toronto Shopping Guide

We had *so* much fun playing tourist with La Carmina when she visited our hometown of Toronto! This post is all about our afternoon of shopping. 🙂

You can spot several Gloomth models in the photos wearing our designs!

gloomth lyre dress in black gothic and lolita fashion doll clothes toronto

Karen wore our “Lyre” dress in black and looked absolutely decadent. Linda wore our “Carmilla” dress and it worked beautifully with her blue hair. La Carmina is wearing our “Chrysanthemum” dress in plum purple. I wore our “Valance” dress in a red plaid fabric.

la carmina gloomth kensington market toronto

We toured Kensington Market, vintage shops, and Queen West. I posed with Donna Saslove (who had the best glasses frames I’ve ever seen) on the stairs of her amazing shop “Original”! Pardon my goofy face in all of these photos, I am so not a model. 😛

donna saslove taeden hall gloomth original toronto shopping guide

Thank you to everyone who made La Carmina’s visit so much fun, and to La Carmina for hanging out with us! Always a pleasure! 😀

la carmina taeden hall for gloomth alternative shopping in toronto

Looooads more photos from the day and info on all the outfits over in La Carmina’s blog!


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