Gloomth’s Fashion Show at Anime North

Gloomth recently did a little fashion show at Anime North in Toronto! It was our first time attending the event and we were very excited to be a part of their show. Today’s post is a sort of show diary taking you from preparing for it at my apartment to the event itself. 🙂

gloomth fashion show preparations


Lady Rakasha handled makeup for the show, which was great as it gave me a break from doing that and allowed me to be a little less frantic the day of. Everything went pretty smoothly considering how hectic the week beforehand was (I was down with the flu, for example). And Lady Rakasha’s makeup looks were beautifully done! So much gratitude to our team and everyone who helped out to make the day so smooth and fun. 🙂

gloomth mushroom head dress

Makeup-ing in action. Atticus in the bathroom behind us. No, the spider is not real. Kuroihitomi checking out her ensemble in my living room.

kuroihitomi gloomth


After everyone was ready we hit the highway! Our convoy basically drove across the city to the venue in record time. Stunt driver Kuroihitomi to the rescue!


IMGP8028 IMGP8030

Me goofily taking photos of my head in the car. And other peoples’ heads (photographer David in the background).

taeden gloomth


Once we got to the venue and figured out where the heck we were supposed to be there was a lot of waiting (and goofing off) in the green room while we waited for our turn on the stage.


gloomth anime north fashion show 2014 sara syringe gloomth mushroom headpiece

So many awesome outfits in the room! It was pretty mesmerizing. Loved the pink dress on the girl behind Lady Rakasha (below) especially. We mostly kept to ourselves after such an exhausting morning. I did get to meet the designer, Nakamura, from Juliet & Justine (a Japanese brand) and she was very nice. And also Misako Aoki (I did not take a photo as it seemed rude at the time to ask), and she was also very charming.

anime north fashion show 2014 gloomth

Yes thats a crown made of hair. Fine Lines’ look for the show was probably my favorite (for obvious, bandage-related reasons).

fine lines for gloomth


gloomth anime north 2014 anime north fashion show gloomth


anime north fashion show 2014 gloomth

Pookah was very tired and took a nap behind the chairs in the green room while we tidied our hair and waited.



Eventually we went on and did a fashion show! We filmed most of it so we’ll have a film with the show and some behind the scenes bits later on to show you. This is the crowd and stage area where the fashion show took place.



We were very glad to be done and then set about handing out flyers and generally just exploring the event! And making a spectacle of ourselves (as usual).

anime north 2014 gloomth anime north 2014 gloomth anime north 2014 gloomth

The convention itself was enormous, sprawling across a huge series of halls and outside. Quite overwhelming really. There were so many people it was very tricky to maneuver.

Our team looking awesome below. 🙂 Our Gloomth Girls are obviously the best.

gloomth at anime north 2014


The neon mushroom head piece I made for Syringe’s look! I’ll be using it in a photoshoot soon hopefully, so it’ll get some more use. 🙂

neon mushroom headpiece hat

After a bit we gathered ourselves up and headed back onto the open road. That’s my reflective parasol on the right. 🙂

gloomth at anime north 2014


Thank you to everyone who made our show go so well at AN! To our models who suffered the longest day ever for such a short performance, to our photographer, to our makeup artist. Thank you!!!


About gloomth

Gloomth is a love letter to the misfits of the misfits. Our blog covers strange lifestyle inspiration, diy ideas, our clothing label photoshoots, and more. Written by Gloomth designer Taeden Hall.
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3 Responses to Gloomth’s Fashion Show at Anime North

  1. Caro says:

    I love seeing behind the scenes photos like this! And I can’t get over how amazing those hair crowns are!

    • gloomth says:

      Thanks!! I so need to get a better little camera for such things. 🙂

      The hair crowns have become my obsession this year. They’re pretty simple to make actually, I should perhaps post a tutorial on it at some point!

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