Allan Gardens Toronto

Recently I ended up exploring Allan Gardens in Toronto unexpectedly! I’d never been inside of the gardens before, despite having lived in the city for over a decade. The building itself is exquisite. I took a handful of photos as it’s such an incredible Victorian space and worth a look. 🙂

allan gardens toronto allan gardens toronto

Founded in 1858 it’s one of Toronto’s oldest parks and the building is an iconic piece of Toronto and is quite beautiful. Inside are countless plants and several different spaces catering to specific species such as cacti, orchids, and palms. I wish we’d checked this place out in January when it was so cold and miserable out, as the warmth and flowers would have cheered me right up!

allan gardens toronto inside

It’s a lovely conservatory, and quite extensive inside. The main room has an incredible glass ceiling and is full of light. In this space grow various palm trees and hot-weather plants.

allan gardens toronto allan gardens toronto palm


One area houses cacti and succulents, I’ve never seen so many enormous types of cacti. Another area was packed with blossoming spring flowers and a beautiful fountain with goldfish. I could have lingered all day there!

allan gardens cacti toronto allan gardens fishpond fountain goldfish allan gardens toronto allan gardens toronto


The space is simply packed with growing things and winding paths leading past fountains and banks of plants. It would be a lovely place to come eat your lunch or just waste some time in an afternoon. 🙂

Me looking tired and bedraggled. 😛


Turtles hanging out by the water wheel in the orchid room. I’ve never seen so many happy orchids in one space.

turtles at allan gardens toronto

Sea serpent stonework holding up a planter, more of the awesome Victorian heritage in this lovely space. 🙂

sea serpent allan gardens toronto

Raccoon pawprints in the cement! Also my feet (and red Sun Jellies). My dress has cats on it, yes, my purse was also a big wicker cat head.

sunjellies red

More on the building’s history here.



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