Javier Perez’s Eerie Artwork

javier perez

Javier Perez’s “Carrona” piece is truly striking and visceral. Carrion crows disassemble a fallen chandelier the color of fresh blood, their beaks pulling shards from the mess.

As described on his website:

“His works are characterized by a certain syncretism, both in the method and materials used. Sculpture, photography, drawing, video and performance are used independently as well as together to create installations where interaction and exploration are essential.

With his work, Javier Pérez reveals his inquiries and reflections on mankind, using a language full of intense metaphor and imbued with a strong symbolism. His works contain an intrinsic dialectic, showing how weak can be the boundary between concepts seemingly opposite such as the natural and the cultural, the inside and the outside or life and death.”

There’s a life to this eerie piece, as though the viewer has stumbled upon the birds with their odd meal. Made of Murano glass and stuffed (taxidermy?) crows.

javier perez corrona

His use of strange and unsettling media and concepts can be seen throughout his portfolio. Such as “Virgo Mater” which is constructed out of animal intestines hardened by resin.

javier perez virgo mater

You can see lots more of his work here on his official website. Which is where these photos are from. 🙂


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