Ways to Wear Hair Flowers

Spring has sprung (at least in our hemisphere)! One trend this season is wearing flowers in your hair. It doesn’t have to be hippie-looking. Forget simple daises and a single big fake peony stuck to the side of your head, there are loads more ways to make hair flowers *yours*.

Whether your looks is fell asleep in the meadow or dripping with death’s blossoms, we have you covered for inspiration on working flowers into your look.

All of these looks utilize easy to find hair flowers. Check accessory shops in the mall or hot glue hair clips and bobby pins to flowers from the dollar store to make your own.

Verrrry old photo of me with odango and flowers.

Flower Bear Ears- Perfect on days when you can’t get your hair to comply with your intentions. Put your hair into two buns on top of your head (odango style) and place a big flower clip in front of each! Looks great with casual Gothic and Lolita styles and creates more volume to the bun if you have shorter or thin hair. Alternately you can clip flowers to the ends of your braids or at the elastic for your ponytail(s)!

daisies in hair lolita harajuku fashion

Asleep in the Meadow- Wake up fresh as a daisy, or something. Small flowers or daisies glued to small clips work beautifully for this look. Wear your hair down and wavy/curly, place flowers here and there through the length. The end result is dreamy and vintage feeling.

Gothic Art Nouveau Hair Style

Art Nouveau- Calling all Mucha fans! Channel some serious art nouveau or even silent film star magic with this detailled style. Clip broken necklaces/bracelets or beaded chain of any kind to your hair in front of and behind your ears (above 1-2″ inches above the top of your ear) so they swag down. Hide the clips with large matching flowers! This style looks great for a formal event or a dance performance.

Gothic Flower Crown Gloomth

Old Faithful Flower Crown- Did you really think we’d do a whole hair flowers post without mentioning flower crowns? Paint dollar store flowers black and attach them to a headband for a stark take on this style. Makes a great statement piece or false bonnet for a Gothic Lolita ensemble.

Vintage Flower Headband Halo Gloomth

Retro Nature Goddess- Attach bits of ribbon and lace and coordinating false flowers to a length of ribbon to create your own headband. Bonus points for use of nostalgia triggering instagram filters. 😛

How would you wear hair flowers this spring?


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