“Lost At Sea” Behind the Scenes Snaps

photoshoot backdrop

Come behind the scenes with Gloomth and models CheshireCat and Kuroihitomi for our “Lost At Sea” photoshoot! We have some fun snaps taken by our photographer Russel Hall as we were preparing to shoot. πŸ™‚

paper props

The DEEP SEA ANGLER hanging out on the floor. We wanted to evoke the craft kitsch of children’s productions, the sort of play you’d put in in early grade school- complete with tissue paper waves and paper props.


Close up of the mood board in my dining room. I am obsessed with making mood boards, I love having inspiration around me at all times. It helps me stay creative and energized when I am shooting 5 times a month!


Yes, that is a hamburger phone. And what I am pretty sure I’ve based all my adult fashion inspiration on- an 80s Cabbage Patch toy which happens to be a ginger in a puffy dress with frilled socks, chubby cheeks and all! πŸ˜‰

gloomth photoshoot

Me looking exhausted while doing CheshireCat’s makeup (this winter has sucked the life from me).

photoshoot gloomth

Yes my skin is the same color as my vintage nightie. I am a pink, pink creature.


Makeup is done! Now we just have to do hair styling and get shooting!!!!!!!!

We have a lot of fun at our shoots, I do confess. There is a lot of goofing off and a lot of laughing, which I think brings a certain magic to our work. We’re so lucky to have a great group of models and photographers to collaborate with! πŸ™‚


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