New “Lost At Sea” Photoshoot

gloomth sailor lolita shrug

The concept behind our new “Lost At Sea” photoshoot was to create the feel of a childrens’ stage production. Handmade props from simple materials, soft glowing light, and cotton clouds. We wanted something charming and simple.

IMGP3196 copy
Sailor lolita dress by gloomth

We were also thrilled to welcome Kuroihitomi back to the Gloomth Girl roster! It’s been ages since we’ve collaborated with her and it’s great to have her back on board. šŸ™‚

Models CheshireCat and Kuroihitomi wore nautical inspired pieces with sailor collars. Perfect classic style for the spring.

IMGP3150 copy
Sailor collar jacket by gloomth
IMGP3146 copy
Retro sailor dress by gloomth

You can check out this whole series on our facebook! Be sure to post a welcome-back message for Kuroihitomi! šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “New “Lost At Sea” Photoshoot

  1. This is adorable! The backdrops, combined with the sailor outfits, totally remind me of early 20th century photos! I bet these photos would look fantastic in sepia tons!

    1. Thank you!!!! I’m thrilled you like them. Oh! I didn’t think of trying them out in sepia, I’ve been dying to do a sepia vintage shoot this winter.

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