DIY PomPom Accessories

I love pompoms! Almost as much as googly eyes. I actually have all sizes of the quick Clover brand pompom makers and they make creating yarn puffs effortless.

You can also buy pre-made solid pompoms at most dollar stores and craft stores in bags full of multiple colors and sizes!

Pompoms are fun and frivolous and the perfect little touch for spring we think! 🙂


Not my photo. 😦

Here are 7 things you can do with pompoms! All of these are accessory/clothing related since that’s the focus of this blog.

1. Bear Ears Headband- Make two matching pompoms in your favorite shade and either tie them or glue them to a cheap headband to create an adorable bear-ears look!

2. Shoe Puffs- I love shoe clips, they make it easy to customize or fancy up any pair of suitable shoes. You can buy blank shoe clips at craft stores or online. Use a strong glue (like E6000) to adhere a little circle of felt to the top of the clip and then fasten a pompom down! Now you have shoe clips with puffy sweet details.

3. Sock Puffs- Craving those adorable pompom socks you had when you were 6? DIY your favorite ankle socks into nostalgic cute things. Just sew 1 or 2 little pompoms to the back cuff of each sock.

4. Pom Pom Crown- Be the princess of a land of puff! Fasten numerous sizes clustered together on a headband for a crown of fluff. This can be easily customized to match any outfit colors.

5. PomPom Hair Elastics or Clips- Attach your pompoms to hair elastics or clips for a little puff in your hair anywhere. 🙂

6. PomPom Ring- Get cheap blank ring bases at craft stores (or redecorate a dollarstore ring itself) by attaching a little pompom to it. Adorable!

7. PomPom Necklace or Bracelet- String your yarn pompoms together with clear jewelry elastic for easy fluffy jewelry.



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