Frivolous Friday Snaps

I feel as though I’ve been boring lately- focusing on shoots and the new spring line mainly. I am also having massive camera angst about my little pocket camera and how poor the image quality is. I think it will be time to upgrade very soon, at least then maybe I can do more interesting things for Fridays and take better behind the scenes content! 🙂 So onto the personal photo post!!!

IMGP5307Went to a “Year 3000” themed birthday party with antenna and a vintage couch fabric dress. Sadly the dress fits terribly as it’s a modified one that’s about 2 sizes too big, so I think it will have to suffer some dire rebuilding soon as the fabric is so neat.


NYE! Was a slumber-party themed event, so I wore a sleep mask.


New Years confetti in the bus stop. Kind of lovely in a way.


Procured the world’s most glorious ceramic cat for my bathroom window! Isn’t he majestic? I have yet to name this exquisite cat (haha).


Over Xmas I inherited four brooches that belonged to my great aunt and great great grandmother, and then my mother. They’re Victorian and very beautiful. I love family history and little ties like this to the women who came before me, to the past. 🙂

taeden hall

Bad quality scan of some sketching I did to warm up to working on the Tarot deck some more. The deck is a slow process but I am excited to tackle it. And I’m sure once it’s done I’ll be far more confident in my drawing.

kills kills1

Went to see “The Kills” in late December, who’s music I have loved for several years now. The show was pretty amazing. Just feral loud rock and exactly what I needed.


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