A Year of Photoshoots

2013 was an incredibly busy year for us, and part of that were the 2+ photoshoots we created every month! It was wonderful meeting and collaborating with so many amazing artists and models and photographers. We’re blessed to have some of the most awesome people in our city! 🙂

gloomth poppy lolita

Our first shoot of 2013 was with my friend Ritesh Das and Gloomth Girl Poppy in February- “The Love Letter”. We shot in my apartment with a set I’d rigged up the night before out of two rolls of kraft paper I had in the studio and my antique trunk (usually full of extra bedding and towels). The resulting photos are unique and beautiful, Ritesh’s style of photography really brought the story to life!

gloomth gothic lolita

 Some shoots feel as though you are just playing with friends, and not at all like work! Our first time collaborating with Rune Photography (“Chinatown“) was like that, comfortable and fun, it also helped that there had been a fire in the area where we shot so the street was closed to road traffic and nearly deserted!

vintage doll fashion

I feel as though this year I’ve really worked at developing as a stylist, pushed myself constantly with developing new shoot concepts and makeup ideas and outfits. I feel way more confident doing all those things than I have in the past. Our shoot with SMarsh Photography (“Dress Up Dolls“) was such a fun day and the outfits really allowed me to play! I loved working in some of my vintage hat collection alongside textural and strange elements (like popcorn).

shironuri gothic gloomth

We also got a little extreme here and there! Our “A Dark Dream” photoshoot with Russel Hall was an experiment that came out like magic, playing with shironuri makeup really transformed this shoot into something new and exciting.

ghost girl

One thing we want to do more of in 2014 are videos! Narrative ones even perhaps. Our films and photoshoots with the House of Pomegranates are unlike anything else we do. We love collaborating with them. The film we collaborated on for the launch of “Carmilla” with Daniel Richler was a crazy day, from the 3 feet of snow that came that morning to my art directing til my hands shook to the martinis at the end of the day.

teen witch gloomth

Another great day was our “Pumpkin Patch” photoshoot with Russel Hall and Gloomth Girls CheshireCat, Syringe, and LadyRakasha. I finally got to shoot in a pumpkin patch, which is something I’d been wanting to do since we began Gloomth. It was loads of fun! A few weeks before a friend of mine passed away, someone with whom I had a tradition of going pumpkin picking with every fall. Being in the patch making art with my friends on such a beautiful day really meant a lot to me and helped me honor the memory of my friend.

I could go on about every shoot we did this year, we really did have a full year of them! These are just some highlights worth mentioning for their stories or what I learned.

It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite photoshoot- all of the ones we’ve done this year have been such great experiences for me. I’ve learned a lot as a stylist/art director and had so much fun creating with our teams. We’re hitting the ground running with shoots in 2014 with several already confirmed and being prepared for! 🙂

Thank you to everyone who worked with us this year!!!!!!!!!!


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