My 8 Favorite Responses to Dressing Fancy

Stripes & Flags

Personal Friday post! šŸ™‚ I’ve talked about dealing with negative reactions to your style here before but I didn’t really touch on the good responses! I try to be fancy every day, even if it’s just a vintage hat. I get so excited whenever I see someone creatively dressed on the street and I love the idea of being that person for someone else, and for me dressing creatively challenges me and keeps my inspiration flowing. Of course I do get some crap from strangers about my appearance, but the number of positive or curious comments far exceeds the negative ones!

So here are my top 8 funniest or most endearing responses from total strangers about my outfits! šŸ™‚

1. The 60-ish woman who complimented my outfit and then proceeded to tell the clerk that “it’s very popular with young ladies- but the clothing is very expensive! They have to have it sent in from Japan!”. I laughed and told her the dress was from my own label and made locally…

2. The staff at my post office who ask me if I am sick when I show up dressed-down.

3. The young dude in low-slung pants and a jersey who told me he “liked my colors”.

4. The lady in the sari who has stopped me on my street on three different occasions to ask me detailed questions about my clothes.

5. The group of 50ish women who stopped me to tell me I reminded them of some character on a tv show I’d never heard of.

6. The dude who yelled “SAILOR MOON” at me from a passing car (I was wearing a mint green dress with a sailor collar, which didn’t strike me as particularly Sailor Moon-y but okay).

7. My niece who saw a photo of me dressed up on my laptop and told me I looked like a “real princess”. Which I think is the biggest compliment you can get from a 4 year old who idolizes Rapunzel.

8. The drunk dudes who followed my friends and I at Nuit Blanche chanting “YOU ARE ART! YOU ARE ART!” at the top of their lungs. I’m taking this one as a compliment though I do not enjoy having my own parade of drunk young men howling behind me…

Stripes & Flags

I hear often from people that they love creative or alternative styles but are afraid to wear them in their daily life in case strangers might react poorly. How sad! A lifetime denied of exploring that side of yourself because of what someone you don’t even know might think or say. And really, who cares what they think? Did you ask them what you should eat for breakfast today? Are they going to help you pick a career or an apartment?

Take risks! Have fun! Play with your clothes!


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