Pumpkin Patch Party

One location I’ve always wanted to do a photoshoot in is a pumpkin patch. This autumn I decided to do my best to make that happen. We lucked out with a patch in the countryside not far from the city!

pumpkin patch

An agreeable patch allowed us to appear with 3 models and romp about in their private “giant” pumpkin patch. The pumpkins themselves were enormous beastly things that nearly came up to my knees in most cases. We had the patch all to ourselves!

autumn leaves on grass

gloomth models pumpkin patch

Gloomth Girls CheshireCat, Lady Rakasha, and Syringe rocked those gourds with proper teen-witch attitude! The weather was gloomy and very autumnal and we played in the farm area for hours. These are all the behind the scenes snaps I took from the day!

autumn leaves

big orange pumpkin

I took a lot of close up photos of pumpkins. I think the contrast of them in the fields this time of year is one of the most beautiful sights. The whole day was peppered with moments of heart-stopping beauty. Leaves bursting into color, fields full of glowing pumpkins, grey blue clouds. Just perfect.

gloomth pumpkin photoshoot

gloomth model witch

The witch hats I created for this shoot are paper mache with kraft paper decorations! They were an experiment and totally impractical, but matched the dried pumpkin vines on the ground. If you look closely at them you can see the little bat wings and flower cut outs.

gloomth photoshoot

The giant pumpkins were all sorts of colors. White, creamy, pale orange, dark orange, green, and almost black. Slumped in the field among the tangled vines.

pumpkin vines

gloomth models

gloomth model

It was such a fun shoot! Much adorable witchiness happening in the field.



Bees and wasps crowding this goldenrod blossom. BEES!


Me posing with giant boxes full of big pumpkins on the farm! It was such a nice break from the city noise and air for me, exactly what I needed really.

gloomth witches



I did not grow up on a farm and have therefore never lost my amazement at farm animals and fowl. “OMIGOD TURKEYS!” “OMIGOD CHICKENS!” “OMIGOD COWS!”. I have a fondness for pigs above most farm animals but there were no pigs to be found at this farm. I did talk to the turkeys and cows at length (er talk “at” is probably more correct).


Syringe is first on the Pumpkin Beret trend! Ooh la la! You saw it here first people, the invention of gourds as accessories….Okay maybe not. 😉 We raided the farm market for home grown produce and pumpkins. I got a gorgeous white pumpkin for my Halloween festivities and an arm’s length of brussel sprouts on their stalk (yum).

white pumpkins gourds

I’m pretty sure these are the ghosts of little pumpkins.

I hope you enjoyed visiting the pumpkin farm with the Gloomth Girls and I in this post! 🙂


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