Swans, Sugar, and Sparkle

On a beautiful autumn afternoon we set out with models Nikki White and Linda Tea and photographer Jen Li to create a series of glittering, fanciful photos! Full of swans, sunlight, and sparkle this series is a fun contrast to the plethora of darker styles we’ve been shooting lately. The result was our “Sugar Sparkle” photoshoot! πŸ™‚

Our accessories/prep table exploded with pink and sparkle!

The amazing Savija Ellis created intense hair for this shoot! Enormous towers of shining curls reminiscent of Versailles and Marie Antoinette. Transforming the models into confections of pink and purple! I was very inspired by sugar kei when choosing the accessories and makeup- adding every color coordinating clip and bauble to the hair and a ton of eyelashes.

Shifty eyed swan.

We set out to create a glowing day-dream. Complete with graceful swans! These swans were kind of jerks however, one tried to pull the pearls right from model Linda’s wrist! Probably wanted to pawn them for bread, untrustworthy waterfowl.

gloomth swans

In retrospect maybe the swans were mad we only brought stale tortillas to feed them…


Linda looking bummed out by the jerk swans. Autumn weather is so moody and unpredictable, we really lucked out with such a perfect day for our shoot.

We lost that pink heart balloon about 10 minutes later! I rescued the star one from a tree but the heart floated off into the distance. 😦

nikki white gloomth

Nikki’s red hair looked amazing with the peach pink version of our “Princess” dress!


Swan creeping on Nikki’s posing. “Got any bread?”

gloomth photoshoot nikki white
Photographer in action!

gloomth models

You can see the complete series from this day over in our facebook! πŸ™‚ Loads of thanks to our incredible models, talented hair stylist, and amazing photographer!

Have a great (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend everyone! I am looking forward to relaxing in the country for a few days and eating a large percentage of my body weight in pumpkin pie and stuffing! πŸ˜›


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