Small Obsessions

I have no new personal photos this week, I am clearly slacking on my personal part of this blog! It’s been a bit hectic around the ‘Cult but that seems to be the status quo for 2013 (in a good way). We’ll have loads of exciting things to share next week though! πŸ˜€

Now that my excuses are out of the way we can move onto a post! Heh. Today I want to talk about a few things I am obsessed with. In no particular order or anything. None of the photos below are mine.

Wing Tips and Oxford Shoes- Okay, this is a long time obsession for me. My first favourite pair of shoes were black and white platform oxfords, I still have them somewhere- ratty and mangled and well loved. I also recently re-purchased the same exact brand/style online (I was shocked someone had a pair of brand new ones, they’re 15+ years old!). I have been wearing them around in a giddy haze! I’d say over 70% of my shoe closet consists of oxfords/wingtips/saddle shoes. Black and white shoes just feel right on me! πŸ˜›

Dinosaurs- Not sure what brought this one on, and I don’t think it really counts as a proper obsession, more like a “current interest”. But I have been watching a lot of dinosaur documentaries online and reading articles. I really didn’t know much about them past the basics every kid learns. I am especially interested in the pre-dinosaur animals. Now I’m that annoying person lunging into lots of “did you know”s at my friends, all excited to share the new things clumped up in my brain.

Halloween- Oh man, this obsession isn’t new. It’s sort of the base of my entire world I think! I just put up my Halloween decorations at home on September 1st and every year it’s so much fun unpacking all my favorites and hanging things up. Turning my apartment into a Halloween party setting for 2 months! My birthday is just a couple of days after Halloween so often I just celebrate on the 31st instead.

Japanese Ramen Soup– No, not the “MrNoodles” instant garbage- traditional, fancy ramen! I started experimenting with making ramen at home last year. My favourite recipe is sort of non-traditional and vegetarian. A mushroom infused base with lots of soy sauce, miso, and a touch of sesame oil. Plus loads of veggies, bok choy, tofu, and noodles! It’s growing cold again so I am excited to experiment with soups once more.

What odd things are you obsessed with?


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