Some Sites I Am Fond Of

Semi-personal post on a Wednesday!? We’re working on editing and arranging new photoshoots, new autumn designs, and stifling the urge to share exciting news with you (soon!), but in the meantime here’s a more day to day post from me (Taeden, designer/owner for Gloomth). 🙂

Here is a short list of 5 sites I look at rather often! In between answering customer emails and all the other daily desk-type operation tasks it’s sometimes nice to have distractions. I thought I’d share a few in case you’re needing some fresh distraction viewing.

1. A Softer World– Breaks my heart at least once a month. A combination of beautiful and sometimes eerie photos paired with staggeringly honest text. A sort of poetry, really. Drag your cursor over each comic to get extra content!

a softer world

2. Freewill Astrology- I check this one once a week. I’m not huge into astrology (I’m a Scorpio and people tell me I am pretty stereotypical for one) but the weekly advice for this column in phrased beautifully and through a glow of encouragement and wonder. I dig that.

3. Kittens Live Stream– Live! Kittens! Nude! I so need a neon sign for that. Either way this livestream shows a litter of kittens playing, sleeping, eating, kitten-ing. It’s something that is often open in another tab while I work. Who doesn’t need more kittens?

4. Gothic Charm School Tumblr– I’m a closet tumblr addict (okay not so closeted). The Lady of the Manners, whom we here at the ‘Cult simply adore, has a wonderful tumblr full of dark inspiration, advice, quirkiness, and altogether awesome gothy stuff. We highly recommend it! :D!

What are your favorite sites?


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