3 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Autumn! Well, almost. Needless to say, we are giddily preparing for Halloween around here. Our cut off for in-time-for-Halloween orders is October 6th, after that we can’t guarantee your order will arrive in time for the big night.

Here are 3 Halloween costume looks that are easy to pull together using a Gloomth design and some simple diy accessories and makeup tricks! Hopefully these will inspire you to create your own awesome costume this year!

Candy Dream Prom Party

1. Glitter Skeleton– This sparkly take on the classic costume is super easy and really adorable! We based it around our “Skeleton” dress. Pair it with platform doll shoes and black and white striped stockings or tights. To make a glitter skull headdress like the one in the photo trace a skull on cardstock and cut out, spread white school glue over it’s surface and then pour on loads of silver (or any color) of craft glitter! Messy black eyeshadow with black glitter, sparkly lip gloss, glitter nail polish, and even glitter hairspray add to the dazzling effect!


2. Scary Nurse- We based this super easy costume off of our “Medic” dress, which comes with an adorable white apron with a red cross detail! Raid the first aid kit for this look (you could even use the first aid kit box as a purse for the night for bonus points). Decorate your arms with white medical tape and bandaids and bandages! Wind a length of bandage over one eye or wear a white plastic medical eye patch. White or red stockings and platforms. A toy doctor’s kit would have all sorts of fun accessories and details to add some oomph to this costume!

At the Station
3.  Dark Princess- Remember all those little girls dressed as pastel princesses every year? Well this would be the grown-up dark version of that idea! Our “Sorrow” dress makes a beautiful base for this look! Pair it with ornate lace tights and lace gloves. Add a crown sparkling with black jewels and glitter (easy to make at home using our DIY lace crown tutorial). Pile on the black sparkling jewelry! Finish with black heels or tea party shoes. Keep your makeup dark and glistening. Bonus points for a homemade glittering sceptre!


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