Personal Friday Stuff

It’s been a busy week! A friend of mine passed away last weekend so my vacation included attending his wake and generally processing that loss. It’s wonderful to see the effect someone’s life can have on others, and he so inspired me to live honestly and to put as much positivity and love as possible into everything I do. He also made me laugh about the most impolite things (which is a very important quality in a person) every single time we were together. I wasn’t going to talk about it here but I just want to encourage everyone to spend time with their loved ones, cherish those connections because they can be cut short.

Spent some time with my oldest friend at her new building. They have a roof top patio overlooking all of Toronto and it was simply incredible watching the sun go down above the city. I still get giddy seeing sky scrapers above me, even though I’ve lived in the city for over 12 years and haven’t been a country-mouse since my teens. Please ignore my wind-blown puffy face, it had been a very long day.


This weekend features a studio photoshoot. This will be my second proper studio shoot this summer (in my summer of shooting once per weekend, and often twice…oy). I prefer location shoots, honestly, but the studio ones have been a good challenge for me as they focus more on the styling and detail rather than creating a narrative or scene. Here are some photos of masks I’ve created for this week’s shoot. We might raffle these off on the blog after the shoot as they’d make great accents for a Gothic Halloween ensemble! What do you think?



Here are some photos of Goblin sound asleep in my home office. She spent ages pushing everything off of that shelf months ago so now it is her official napping shelf. Not an elegant animal, Gob’, she sleeps on the shelf on her back usually with a leg or two dangling off of the edge. My Halloween colored kitty.


In other news we are cheerily working on a couple of new goodies for the fall season! We should have those shot and in the catalogue around the 16th of September. Here’s a little preview of the rough design sketches for one of the new pieces.


Have a great weekend everyone!



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