My Box of Hats!

old hats

This week’s personal Friday update doesn’t contain any photos of my head (just things to put on top of it). Recently I came to posses a large box full of vintage hats! They range in eras from the 40s to the 60s and are in varying needs of repair. I’ve been interested in restoring vintage and antique apparel for a few years. It began with preserving some jet bead work on my great grandmother’s mourning capelet and just kept going. I especially love anything mourning-related and vintage hats hold a special place in my heart!

antique hats

antique hat detail

My hat wardrobe was sizeable before this box arrived, so I’m not sure quite where these will be stored. I like to mix a hat into almost every outfit, they are unexpected and frivolous and add a touch of vintage fanciness to all sorts of looks!


I was *so* excited to open this box! Restoring these hats is going to take lots of work and research, there are types of hats here I have never worked on before. Delicate fascinators with velvet flowers and disintegrating netting and fluffy velvet hats with scarring from storage. The nerd in me is excited for the challenge.

vintage hat

(POM POMS!) Here are a few detail photos and snaps of the hats from the box! I haven’t begun restoring or even cleaning them yet, so please forgive their tattered states. I am looking forward to breathing fresh life into these pieces and being able to wear them! I’m sure many will appear in our photoshoots also.



Most of the hats are either pink or shades of cream/off-white. There are wool covered ones, felt hats, florals, and even woven straw style hats.


antique hat flowers


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